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Inside Diameter ID Gage

Product Features

    • Measure inside diameters on light-weight parts, utilizing a “two-point” floating caliper measurement system  that centers the product on the measurement axis
    • Measures plastic parts with minimum distortion
    • Measures over wide range of ID's with minimal set up time
    • Interchangeable measuring anvils for efficient measurements
    • Proven excellent gage R&R
    • Utilizes gage blocks for mastering eliminating need for ring masters
    • Simplifies collection of multiple ID measurements when determining average ID or TIR
    • Included SPC data output
    • 0.4 to 4 inch measurement range
    • 0.0005 inch or 0.01 mm resolution
    • 40 to 50 gram measurement force
    • Gage measurement surface: Hard Anodized Aluminum
    • Multiple applications, materials and sizes

For additional information contact: QAE Enterprises, Inc.

E-mail: info@qaeincorporated.com